Sexual abuse

    Sexual assault can happen to anyone!
    Sexual abuse of a child is the participation of a child in sexual acts that:

  • they do not fully understand and for which they are not able to give informed consent;
  • they are not prepared for in terms of their physical, social and emotional development;  
  • are in violation of the laws or social taboos of society.

    Sexual abuse can be with or without physical contact!
    Sexual abuse with physical contact:

  • Making sexual contact.
  • Lewd acts such as palpation of the genitals, caressing, penetration.
  • Seduction or coercion of a child to engage directly or indirectly in some kind of sexual behavior or simulation of such behavior, to participate in sexual ‚games‘.

    Sexual abuse without physical contact

Showing pornographic materials to the child.

  • Showing the person’s or other people’s genitals to the child.
  • Exposing of the child that is not related to their care.
  • Photographing the child in sexual poses.
  • Encouraging the child to watch or listen to sexual acts - live or reproduced (for example on television or the Internet).
  • Conducting conversations with the child with erotic content that goes beyond sexual education.
  • Provoking the child to exchange messages, photos or videos with sexual content with someone. This is called „sexting“ and usually contains nude photos, but may also contain videos with sexual content.