This booklet aims to support us, adults, and preschoolers in discussing the challenging and serious topic of sexual abuse, so as to reduce feelings of shame and embarrassment. Sexual abuse of children is a complex and serious societal problem that still affects many children. It manifests itself at every level in society and in different situations - at home, in kindergarten or in the park. Unfortunately, there is no method to guarantee complete safety from such assaults on children. Experience has shown that if children know some basic facts, the risk can be significantly reduced. This booklet does not contain recommendations, but rather guidelines on how to talk about some of these difficult topics. It is true that the child is not yet ready for a conversation about sexual abuse and this topic is still far from his or her understanding, but you can teach the child you care for a respectful and calm attitude towards his or her body, as well as create a network of adults to support him or her in case of need. The book will be useful both for your role as a parent, as well as for other roles in society, for example as a professional or a relative of a family with a child.