The most valuable thing that helps parents in their relationships with their children is their ability to understand them and their knowledge of the peculiarities of their development at different ages.

Most parents are very concerned about the safety of their children and try different approaches to protect and defend them. The thought that a child may be hurt is disturbing and provokes different reactions among parents. Research shows that a calm and confident parent who is emotionally committed to their child and well informed about the various types of dangers usually manages to raise a confident and strong child. There are myths and facts about sexual abuse of children that are good to know.

Knowing the risks, the strengths of the child and the trust between us are the most successful way to protect him or her!

Sexual abuse of a child is a complex and severe social problem that affects many children. It can occur in different situations - at home, kindergarten or school, outside, in another institution and affects children of different ages, both girls and boys. That is why it is important, when we talk about sexual violence, to outline exactly what it is about..

How can we protect our child from sexual assault?

It is important to know that sexual abuse can affect any child, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, appearance, health and there is no method that has proven to be able to fully protect children from this type of abuse.

Do you want to make your child strong so that you can be sure that he / she can be protected?

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