Why should I report?

Why should I report?

Fear, shame, mistrust of institutions and ignorance - some of the reasons why sexual violence is often not reported. Especially when it is aimed at children.

When not reported, cases cannot be investigated, crimes remain unsolved and there is no punishment for perpetrators. So the problem remains hidden. And in order to deal with it as a society, it is important to speak openly, without fear, to protect our children and make them strong.

The official information that reaches the institutions and is included in the statistics is an insignificant part of what is really happening. And how do we deal with something we know so little about?

That is why it is important to report! It is important to know the real situation so that we can change it. Every piece of information, every reported case makes the problem more obvious, and it is increasingly impossible to ignore it.

We provide you with anonymity and ask you to report if you are under 18 and have been sexually abused, if you have been in the past or know of a close person, relative, friend, classmate to whom this has happened, if you know of a case of child sexual abuse.

Any information provided by you will be important and useful to continue to develop this site and to fight against this crime. We rely on the authenticity of the information you report to us.


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