Sexual development

    Between the ages of 7 and 13, children are in the final stages of laying the groundwork for their gender identity. Examination of the body is common. They are aware of reproduction and gender differences, but at this stage of their development they may not be too interested in it. It is typical for children of this age to be attached to peers of the same sex.
    Regarding sexuality, children of this age:

  • Play games with children their age that involve sexual behavior (eg, ‚truth or challenge‘, ‚family play‘ or ‚boyfriend / girlfriend‘).
  • Try to see other people naked or undressing.
  • View photos of naked or partially naked people.
  • Watch/listen to sexual content in the media (television, movies, games, internet, music, etc.).
  • Need more privacy (they do not want to undress in front of other people) and are reluctant to talk to adults about sexual problems.
  • Towards the end of the period, the beginning of sexual attraction/relationship with peers is set, as well as a targeted touch on the intimate parts (masturbation).